How to Have Good Online Lessons

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The past few months have forced most of us to stay at home and avoid physical contact. This extends not only to individuals but also to large establishments like companies and schools. While sudden, the world has mostly adjusted, adapting through remote work and online classes.

This is a precedent as modern society has not yet seen something of this magnitude. Teachers and students, for that matter, are among the ones that have been stuck in a major way. Thousands of teachers are abruptly forced to stop teaching in the traditional method of schooling, and students are then forced to adjust to learning through a computer. Lessons are held through video chat, something that’s not entirely new but is now use en masse.

Online classes can be a struggle for both the students and teacher, as this format is unfamiliar territory to both. Students and teachers feel distant from each other, and many feel like they’re connecting with their co-students and teachers less and less. However, education finds a way and this new format is not an impossible situation. With a bit of flexibility, a wider understanding, and patience, online classes can deliver as much of an impact as traditional schools both socially and educationally. Here are a few tips to make your online experience, be you a teacher or student, better.

Have a Dedicated Learning Space

Those familiar with child care know the importance of having a dedicated space to do things in. A playground is for play, and the library is for reading. The same idea applies in online classes: creating a space solely dedicated to holding online classes will help you concentrate, and as a result, learn or teach better.

While some people are perfectly fine working or studying at the kitchen counter with their laptop, it doesn’t allow for the optimal way to teach or learn. Sitting down and looking at a screen for extended amounts of time require a proper desk and an ergonomic chair to prevent back and neck pain. And not only will having a study room help your posture when studying (something that’s often criminally neglected), it will help you avoid distractions and allow you to better access your tools (like notebooks and pens).

Never Lose Communication

Because of the remote nature of online lessons, it’s easy to go through a class without interacting with others, especially for students. For some people, the virtual nature of participation can actually magnify their anxiety as they can go unnoticed throughout the class. This results in a lack of collaboration and plants the seed to a boring online experience.

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If you’re a Singapore tuition, make it a point to communicate in class. For students, putting in the effort to participate and talk to your classmates will prove useful as you will be creating memories and experiences with your fellow students. For teachers, communicating regularly will help in assessing your student’s skills finding how to best approach your classes. Also, try to make it a point to be accessible. Your online presence is vital especially in a virtual setting, thus be accessible by letting your peers know the best time to contact you.

Gather Feedback and Ask Questions

Just as maintaining communication is important in making you feel like you’re part of a classroom, getting feedback and asking questions will help you understand your lessons and others.

Students can give their teachers valuable feedback by asking them questions regarding parts of the lessons they need more help in. This also allows the teacher to reach out to them and find a better way in delivering their classes. Education is more a conversation than a lecture, and gathering feedback and asking questions is a large part of it.

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