How Working Moms Can Keep Their Kids Busy During the Summer Break

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Working moms often feel guilty every time summer is rounding up the corner. With the kids out of school but you still needing to work, it can be hard to plan their activities so that they won’t get bored during their summer break. The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to give them a magical summer despite your busy work schedule.

Kids these days often spend their free time playing video games or watching their favorite shows on their gadgets. While many parents know that too much screen time doesn’t do good to kids’ health, many are still guilty of letting gadgets babysit their kids. What else can you do to help your kids make the most out of their summer vacation and still give yourself enough time to get your work down?

Sign them up for a summer camp

Many kids love spending their summer attending summer camps. If you live in Salt Lake City, many child care centers offer summer camps to school-age children. This way, your kids can spend their summer experiencing different interesting activities, learning new things, and going on excursions with their new friends. You don’t have to worry about their safety, as everyone is well-supervised. They can even eat nutritious food.

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Consider asking them to find a summer job

Why not turn your chores into their summer posts? Ask kids to tackle household chores appropriate for their age. Some kids are more than willing to get paid in exchange for some chores. Others would argue for other rewards such as family time at the beach, movie nights, no nap times, or late bedtime once a week. Determine what the best rewards your kids can receive, but make sure to give your kids a break since it is summer, after all.

Allow them to plan your days off

Most parents have a fixed day off. If this sounds like you, then allow your kids to take control of one of your days off each week. Allow them to plan your family activities. They can opt to visit the local park, go to the nearest beach, schedule a play date with their friends, or go to the movies. Giving them such freedom to do what they want to do with you will make them feel valued.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You should feel no shame in asking for help when you know that you can no longer handle the kids on your own. For instance, you have that business trip coming up, and no one will be left to watch the kids for you. Don’t hesitate to bring in help or call in your trusted family member or friend to watch the kids for you. They can help you keep the kids busy while you are out working.

Summer break is a time for rest, play, and family. If you are a working mom, it can be hard to give your kids the attention they need from you after school is over. To keep them preoccupied, you can try the items on this list.

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