What Makes a Great Teacher Memorable?

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When people reminisce about their school days, the teachers that are always remembered are the worst and the best. Many stories of positivity and success always include a tale of that teacher. They were able to serve as a great supporter and mentor throughout their journey. If this is something you want to be able to do for your students, here are a few important actions you can take to make your mark with them.

Provide counsel for emotional struggles

Mental health in students continues to see a downward spiral that is all too often left ignored to this day. A little empathy can go a long way, especially for young individuals who are seeking someone that can listen to them and give them much-needed guidance during tumultuous times in their life. It doesn’t have to be intrusive, either. To know the best approach with these types of students, it could even do you good to try some summer psychotherapy training courses that can equip you with how to deal with it well.

Create avenues for individual growth

mom and daughter studyingWhen you have a whole class to think about, the workload can be overwhelming, and it’s easier to keep things generalized. Most people (especially the young ones) tend to feel more motivated, however, when they are given opportunities to express their individuality and navigate certain things their way. If you can make some room in the syllabus for honing this trait, you can be a pillar for their growth.

Give opportunities to succeed.

It isn’t to say that you’ll spoon feed everything to those learning under you. It’s just about finding your students’ strengths and finding outlets for them to be able to excel using those skills that they have. Just think of those kids on Jeopardy that went far because they had a teacher tell them to try it out or the many actors who have told stories of their drama mentors pushing them to auditions that changed their lives. For youths who are still finding their way through life, it can do wonders to have someone in their corner looking out for opportunities they may have otherwise missed.

Know how to have fun

Even though there is still a need for discipline in learning, finding ways to make it more fun can help your students become more engaged and pretty much lighten things up for yourself, too. Not everything needs to be too serious, and some of the best teachers that people remember are the ones who knew how to crack a few jokes and made everyone feel at ease. Maximizing their learning experience comes from care and not fear.

Balance what to listen to

As much as you want to be the listening ear that takes heed to their requests and follows through, one cannot forget that some things need to be ignored. There are dictatorial teachers in their classrooms. However, some get stepped on by unruly teens who abuse their patience.

Finding the right way to put these into action can be a roller coaster to navigate, but the results are rewarding.

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