For Moms and Dads: Your Guide to Teaching Your Kids to Meal-Prep

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The benefits of meal prepping cannot be denied. You save money and time, and you will not have to go out to eat. This is an effective means of food management, especially for those who want to get fit and have a healthier lifestyle. If you know and have experienced the benefits of meal prepping, you may want to teach your kids, especially those who are in high school, more about it. Meal preps also make good venues for bonding moments.

If you want to teach your kids how to prep their meals, you have to make things simple. Complicated recipes and techniques may discourage them from actually doing it. Maybe your kids are studying at a prep school or at the best charter school in Salt Lake City, so you must make sure that their food will actually help them a lot.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind.

Go for nutritious fares

As your kids are making their own meals, you should encourage them to go for healthy recipes. The dishes should be full of nutrition that will help them power through the school week.

Carbs are necessary, but you should regulate them. Protein, fiber, and Vitamin C are also needed. Nutritious fares do not need to be boring, so you may want to help them give their dishes a twist. For one, their breakfast burrito may be made with pulled pork with teriyaki sauce. Their school lunch can be a hamburger with Hollandaise sauce. Let their creativity run.

Have the containers ready

Prepping the meals means you need to be organized, and that is something that you can do through containers. Have separate containers for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. The containers can be made of glass so that everything is clean and hygienic. They are also washable, meaning you will not have to utilize single-use plastic containers.

Create a list

Speaking of being organized, you and your kids need to create a list that will serve as your compass. You will be able to keep track of your meal prep progress. Finding the right ingredients will also be easier. Before you go shopping, you need to look at your calendar so that you will be able to gauge how many ingredients you will need. Do not forget to look at your cupboard and fridge to see what other things you will need for meal prep.

Do initial preparations

healthy lunch for kids
After grocery shopping, you ought to sort the ingredients and packets based on your kids’ fares. At this point, you need to have the recipes in mind so initial preparations can be carried out. If you know that your kids will make breakfast burrito and kimchi rice, you will need to cook rice in advance, brine the chicken, boil it, and then shred it.

Meal preps are good training for your kids, especially if you want them to be independent. It also teaches them the important skills that they will need later in life, such as creativity and organization.

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