Getting Your Preschoolers to Do Homework Independently

preschool kids with their teacher

One of the most challenging times for parents is doing homework with their preschooler. Despite parent’s resolve not to do it and just assist their kids in answering homework, kids tend to forget to take notes, making it really frustrating for parents.

Some Scandinavian countries started practicing a curriculum without homework, but while it has yet to be applied everywhere else, the best thing parents can do is follow some good practices so preschoolers can learn how to do their homework more responsibly and independently.

Help them with their homework.

Homework is given by schools, not because the teacher lacked time to discuss certain lessons. It is also a tool that will help form a student’s study habits and for them to become independent learners. And as parents, guiding the children to develop a good homework schedule can reap wonderful results.

Let your child create a routine.

The first step you can take to make your child more responsible for their homework is to ask them to decide one schedule like when or where and how they want to do it. Ask them for suggestions on how to make the task easier.

By allowing them to make these decisions, you are also empowering them. One imperative rule to include which should be non-negotiable is no screen time, or gadget use is allowed until they finish homework.

Be there for guidance.

When the kid is doing their homework, be clear that you are only there around them to guide them and make sure that the homework is really done. You are there not to check or correct their homework.

This can be really tempting for parents, especially those who are aiming for perfect scores, but the real purpose of giving out homework is for teachers to gauge areas where the child needs more attention. A strategy that works for many parents is stalling.

When a child calls out for help on their homework, tell them that you have to finish some chores first before you can help them. The longer they wait for help, the more likely it will be for them to reread their homework and redo their work so that they can finish it sooner.

Communicate with the teacher.

Both parents and teachers have the responsibility of monitoring a child’s progress, and if the child is aware of this, the more likely they will work harder on their homework.

Initiate a positive relationship with your child’s teacher at the start of the school year. Introduce yourself and discuss the possibility of having periodic meetings or as necessary to check on the child’s progress.

Let them be.

preschool kids

Once a child learns to follow a routine, let the process go to work. Although you are always around to guide them, allow them to commit mistakes that they can learn from. They will learn about the consequences of not completing and completing homework with the teacher’s guidance as well.

Teaching a preschooler to become accountable for their homework does not happen in a snap. In Salt Lake City, Utah, parents sign up their kids for after-school care to help children who may be overwhelmed with their homework.

In the case of tantrums, allow your child to express frustrations and hear them out. Once they calm down, acknowledge their feelings, and encourage them to try doing it again. Eventually, the child will adapt to their routine so breathe and relax.

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