Why Do Businesses Use a Recruitment Firm for their Staffing Needs?

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The cost of recruiting and hiring an employee is more than $40,000 per employee. Do you know about this staggering amount? This includes briefing and training the employee, as well as the whole hiring process—the time spent talking about the qualifications, the advertisement of the open position, and the screening, interviews, and background checking. Sometimes, hiring managers and departments spends all this time and money only to lose the candidate after their contract expires.

A recruitment firm can help you fill those open positions and find candidates that suit your company. You can tap it for temporary driver staffing or a higher position such as the head engineer or program designer in your IT company. The point is that using a recruitment firm will reduce the strain on your resources and allow your current employees to work on their tasks instead of spending time screening and interviewing candidates.

Hire Candidates Faster

A recruitment firm always has a pool of workers ready to be deployed. Who knows if they already have the right candidate in mind for the position that you’re trying to fill? The hiring process is time-consuming, not to mention energy-draining. If your resources are already stretched thin, your workers don’t need the added stress of having to find new hires. Let them focus on their actual jobs. A recruitment agency will get you better candidates at a faster rate.

Hire Qualified Candidates

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In-house hiring would always be short of options. They don’t advertise that much, so the skilled and specialized workers they may be looking for are not aware that their services are needed. On the other hand, recruitment firms are continuously hiring and looking for people to fill open positions. They have a better process and method of making sure that the candidates are a great fit for a certain position. All they do is hone their process of recruitment. Some of them also specialize in certain industries or functions.

Recruit Employees from Other Companies

The employee you may be looking for may be employed by another company. The exact qualifications you need may be in a person that’s already working for another business. You have no way of knowing that, but recruitment firms do. They know who these people are, how to reach them, and how to attract them away from their current positions. These are called passive talents. They are not actively seeking new employment. Hiring a recruitment firm makes sure that you can also tap these talents and offer them better compensation packages.

Maintain a Level of Professionalism

Small businesses and startups can’t afford to pay an in-house hiring manager. As a result, the owner himself will screen and interview the candidate. This does not look professional at all. It makes the company look small and understaffed. Hiring a recruitment agency will maintain that level of professionalism. It ensures that the hiring process is done professionally and by someone who knows human sourcing.

Recruitment agencies are not going to charge you an arm and a leg for hiring the right candidate. Most of the time, they charge every time they make a successful hire. You should seriously consider setting up an account with a recruitment firm so that the hiring process won’t take up your time and resources.

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