Networking Basics: Fundamental Reminders for Teachers

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Being a teacher is associated with a lot of things. You are often perceived as a compassionate individual and people see you as a reliable professional. Some even believe that you highly regard discipline.

All of these are good things. However, a lot of people still have this impression that teachers are chained to their classrooms (or their faculty offices). They think that teaching professionals do not know how to broaden their network. This is not true at all. While some teachers do not have the know-how when it comes to expanding their networks, there are still many who invest their time in this aspect.

It is time that you learned about professional networking. This will help take your career further, and it will even allow you to meet like-minded teachers. Some teachers use their professional networks to further their chances of getting international school employment in the Philippines. Below are some of the ways you can actually invest in your network:

Attend seminars and conventions

Perhaps, among the best-known means of expanding one’s network is through attending seminars and conventions. Such gatherings encourage the attendance of teachers and administrative officers to tackle important matters regarding teaching. Other than discussing such issues, teaching conventions also focus on the latest and most advanced technologies and teaching means that may benefit your school. You can ask your principal or district supervisor to sponsor your attendance. If you are more than willing to spend for this, by all means, do so. Who knows, you might find your next mentor here.

Go online

The online world has made the lives of teacher much easier than before. Social media, for instance, has encouraged teachers to form groups where they can easily talk about solutions to school issues and even trade files and lesson plans.

If you are not online, you are missing a lot of things. What you should do at this point is to create your own social media account and join these groups. There are also websites that particularly host for teachers, and these sites have forums where you can voice your opinions on certain issues.

Be a volunteer

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Other than sticking to your educational sphere, you can leave your comfort zone to explore other networking opportunities. For example, you have the option to become a volunteer. You can go to underprivileged communities and become a volunteer teacher. You can meet sponsors and fellow volunteers, all of whom will make good members of your network. Just do not forget to be willing to help.

Talk to your alma mater’s placement center

This is something that you many young teachers can always go to. Visit your alma mater and consult your placement center. Your placement center may hold events that encourage alumni to attend. Who knows, this event will allow you to meet new partners and even your new employer.

Being a teacher should be synonymous with being a good networker. Having a wide network not only will allow you to improve in your career. It also provides you with a venue to help others and improve their lives. The best time for networking? It will always be now.

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