4 Telltale Signs Your Child Is Ready for Preschool


Most preschools accept kids at around the age of two. However, that doesn’t mean that your child is automatically ready for preschool when he or she reaches that age. The readiness for preschool relies more on the child’s social, physical, and emotional development than the age. It also depends on the cognitive readiness of the child to take part in daily, educational, structured preschool programs with other kids.

Most parents will admit that the decision to enroll their kids in preschool classes in Phoenix is never an easy one. It is filled with anxiety because they are not sure whether their kids are ready for preschool. As such, there are certain factors that parents ought to look into when making this decision. These signs should make the process more relaxing than before:

The child can spend time alone

Young kids usually suffer from separation anxiety because it is the first time they will be away from their parents. As such, you need to observe whether your kid can spend time alone or away from you. If your kid is willing and able to stay away from you for some time, then he or she will not have a rough time adjusting in preschool. Also, the kid will not upset the other kids in class. If you are not sure, you can try leaving your child with a family member, a friend, or a babysitter to see if he or she will be upset to spend the day away from you.

The child is independent

preschool kids

Preschool requires kids to possess some necessary skills. For instance, most preschools will need kids to be potty-trained. As such, if your kids are not yet potty-trained, you would want first to make sure that they have this essential skill before enrolling them in preschool. Additionally, most preschools want kids to wash their hands after painting and going to the toilet, sleep alone, and eat lunch without much assistance.

The kid is comfortable with the routine

Most preschools have a routine that kids follow each day. The routine often starts with play as the kids arrive, spending time in various areas of the school. They have breaks, story time, and quiet time, among others. Therefore, you need to be sure that your kid will be comfortable with the routine at school before enrolling him or her. You can start by practicing a routine at home to prepare the child for preschool.

The kid can interact with other children

Your child is going to interact with others at preschool. Therefore, you need to make sure that the child is ready to interact with others in class and will not become angry or pick up fights with other kids. You should socialize your kids so that they learn how to share, listen to others, take turns, and ask politely.

Preschool is rewarding for kids. However, you should take note of the signs discussed above before your kid starts preschool. You should make sure that the child is ready before you start exploring the preschools in your area.

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